Claims Procedures:

1. Rule of Thumb is to always call the Emergency Hotline Number at (00632)8459-4779 to report the incident.

2. Customer service officer will then guide you on how to formalize the claims and help you with any assistance needed.

3. Download and fill up the Claim Form.

4. Collect all the bills/ official receipts/ invoices and other supporting documents required found on the Claims Checklist.

5. Provide proof of ownership and receipted proof of value for lost, stolen or damaged items.

6. Submit all the documents needed within 90 days from the day of notification to the 24/7 hotline and email said documents to f[email protected]

Note: The services arranged by the Insured on his/her behalf, without prior communication or without the consent of the Insurer is a ground for denial of the claim.

In case of urgent medical necessity (a life threatening condition based on physician’s assessment), which was NOT initially notified to the Insurer 24/7 hotline, Insured must notify the Insurer PRIOR to discharge from the hospital to be covered under the policy.

Coverage is always subject to the policy terms and conditions.

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