Company History

Company History

Reliance Surety & insurance Co., Inc. Was established during the post-war Philippine period on August 13,1952 by its principal founder Co Tuan. In the years following its establishment, Reliance has triumphed over several tough challenges and has come to represent a brand that speaks of Excellence, Integrity and most importantly, Reliability.

It is this Reliability that is the cornerstone behind the company’s mission of Assuring Safer Tomorrows for all its stakeholders. In times of adversities, Reliance has proven to be a trusted, caring partner that can be counted on to provide protection to businesses and individuals through the early settlement of insurance claims.

The company places a great premium on relationship- creating shared value with clients, business partners and employees, characterized by harmony and mutual respect, consistently exhibiting fairness in every endeavor.

With the advancement in information technology, Reliance was able to successfully develop its own integrated computer system. The company is now automated, its Visayas and Mindanao operations fully linked to the Head Office databased in Manila, making provincial transactions faster and more serviceable. Operational processes are streamlined, moving towards the full automation of systems and procedures.

In terms of its products, the company provides comprehensive non-life insurance along the lines of fire, motor car, marine cargo, personal accident, bonds, engineering, public liability and equipment floater.

The newest addition, the Travel Insurance, is poised to be marketed as an on -line product that offers travellers comprehensive coverage whether travelling within the Philippines or elsewhere in the world.

Reliance shows great promise and potential. It has reached 64 years with more financial strength than ever, its corporate culture Excellence, Integrity and Reliability first cultivated by its founder Co Tuan, carried through successive generations and nurtured by dedicated and loyal employees . Its mission of Assuring Safer Tomorrows for all its stakeholders remain unfaltering and will continue to be the guiding force in its corporate actions in the years to come.